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Which AR-15 barrel should I get? 4150 CMV Black Nitride or 416R Stainless Steel?

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As we say here at Veriforce Tactical, its really what you are going to use it for that determines which one you should get.  

Are you looking for long distance and accuracy?  Then we would suggest our AR-15 416R Stainless steel Barrels.  One downside to stainless steel is you cannot beat it up.  Excessive heat can change the metallurgy and warp the barrel and make it less accurate over time, but if you are nice to it and and not dropping rounds like John Wick, then it should last up to 15,000-20,000 rounds.  Also, if you are nice to it, you will get better groupings with cleaning and use.  you should easily get SUB-MOA at 200 yards with some breaking in of your barrel.

Are you looking for durability and dependable?  Then we would suggest our AR-15 4150 CMV Nitride black barrels.  Our nitrided barrel are accurate guaranteed up to 1 MOA at 100 yards (with decent ammo) that you can still load up some 100 round drums and shoot down a tree, but also get some accuracy for distance; then this is your barrel.  The nitride barrel life is all dependent on how you treat it.  That being said, our nitride barrel life span for average use is 12,000 rounds.  Only downside to nitride barrels are they do not break in over time, once you do you initial break in, the grouping you get is all your ever going to get until the barrel life has ended.

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