FFL and Firearm Transfer FAQ

Are you an FFL and can I ship my online firearm purchase to your store?

We are an FFL and you can ship your firearm purchase to us. It is a $25 transfer fee.*

How do I send a gun to you from an online store?

Most of the major online stores have our FFL already in their data base, but if they don’t, just Email us for our copy of FFL and you will Email that to the website you bought your gun on.

How many firearms can I send to you?

Up to 4 rifles, shotguns, or receivers, with one pistol (any combo, but 4 max) per $25 transfer fee. If you want 2 or more pistols, up to 4, sent to us (within 2 weeks of each other), there is an additional $20 fee because of additional paper work required by us.

What if I recently moved and do not have my current address on my driver’s license?

That’s fine, we just need your AZ drivers license and a current copy of a GOVERNMENT bill with the new address on it in your name. Most common are Car registration or water bills. A phone bill or electric bill such as APS or SRP will not work, as they are private companies.

What is a “straw” purchase?

If you buy a firearm for a person (friend, family, or acquaintance) asked you to buy it for them or which you know they cannot pass a background check so you do it for them. This is illegal and is a felony. NOT WORTH IT!**

Why is there a transfer fee for firearm purchases?

There is paper work involved for us, the fee is for our time to log the firearm in-and-out of our books, also for the background check we perform.

How long is the process for the background check?

Typically it takes about 10 minutes. There is paperwork for you to fill out, then we have to perform the background check.

So if I come in and do the background check I will leave with my gun?

Not necessarily. Three things happen, you get labeled as ‘Proceed’ in which you get the okay for us to turn the firearm over to you or you get a ‘Researching’, which and take anywhere from 5-20 min to come back with an answer of proceed/delayed. If you get ‘Delayed’ we will get a date you can come pick your gun up, unless we are told otherwise. Typically 7 days or 5 business days for a delay.**

What do I need to bring to get my firearm transfer from you?

We need a valid Arizona Drivers License with your name and current address on it and cash or credit card for transfer fee.

I have a concealed weapons permit or CCW do I have to do the background check?

No, all we need is a AZ drivers license with your current address on it and your CCW Card. No delay or researching. Just paperwork and go!

I’m a father/mother and want to buy my son/daughter a firearm as a present, they are over 18 legal and are not felons, is this a straw purchase?

No, but it is up to our discretion if we want to do the firearms transfer or purchase. This must be worked out before hand and the owner must give the okay. Typically we will want the background check to be done by the family member receiving the firearm**

**We have the right to refuse to do a firearms transfer for ANY reason if we do not feel comfortable.  You will not be charged and the firearm will be sent back to the original FFL.

*Reference the question, ‘How many firearms can I send to you?’ for details on possible additional fees.


Website and Shipping FAQ

How fast do you ship after I purchase something from you?

Typically, same or next business day. We are not open on Saturday or Sunday. So if you purchase late Friday, it will go out on Monday.

I received my tracking number and it doesn’t say it’s shipped yet, what’s going on?

We send out tracking numbers when it gets packaged up. We get pickups at the end of business day. Just be patient it will it update within 24 hours of being picked up.

I check my USPS Tracking number and its not moving?

USPS sometimes sucks at tracking packages. Its moving, but some times they do not update until it reaches you local post office or they wrongly routed the package, in which case they don’t want to be bothered so they not will post updates until is out for delivery. Typically they update the tracking system every 24 hours.

Do you ship outside the USA?

Yes! We can ship up to $500 to Canada, and up to $150 to most countries in Europe.

What states do you ship?

All states, its up to you to make sure you’re obeying what ever awful state laws your communist leaders made.

I called 10 times in the last 30 minutes during your business hours and no one is picking up the phone!

We are in Arizona and might not be open yet. In Spring/Summer we are on Pacific time, in the Fall/Winter we are on Mountain time. Or we are on the other line with a customer, best to leave a detailed message and we call you right back.

Why is my order on hold?

Your billing information was either partially wrong / not verified, or you are sending a package to an address different then your billing address and we need proof of identity before we can ship. If we need more info from you we will Email or Call. Otherwise it will be changed to processing for shipping within one business day.

Why do I have to sign for delivery on my package?

Mainly you have to sign for the delivery because of package thieves; for any package over $200 we have to put signature confirmation so be sure it gets to you. If not, the postman could put your $1000 upper by the side walk in front of your house to be stolen.

Is there anything on your website you don’t ship to certain states?

We do not carry magazines or ammo, so there is really nothing that we cannot ship to your state.  That being said, it is up to you to make sure you are obeying your local laws no matter how stupid they are.  We are not responsible if you use our products illegally in your state, we follow federal and Arizona laws.


Walk-in Store FAQ

Do you buy used firearms from private individuals?

No, we do not buy used firearms.

What firearms do you carry in your retail shop?

We are not a full-fledged gun shop that carries all things firearms. We are a boutique AR-15 parts and Accessories Manufacture with everything you need parts wise to build your next AR-15 rifle or AR Pistol.

Do you sell lower receiver in your shop?

Yes, we carry Aero X15, the M5 (.308) lowers on hand either built up with our custom parts or stripped.

Is there a transfer fee if I buy a lower receiver from you in your shop?

No, if you purchase directly from us then we will not charge a transfer fee.

Do you sell suppressors / silencers?

Sorry, we are not the type of FFL that can-do suppressors or short barreled rifle stamps.