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AK-47 Charging Handle Beefy Extension Knob

64 customer reviews

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UPC: 617201301784
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  • Fits all AK47 charging handles, even Yugo and SAIGA
  • Made of steel
  • AKs are not precision machined charging handles, there will be some that are tight and some that just will not fit.  These fit 99% of all AK47s
  • Set screws on, must use thread locker (MUST USE loctite)
  • Very easy install
  • Made charging your AK47 handle easier
Weight: 2 oz
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64 reviews for AK-47 Charging Handle Beefy Extension Knob

  1. Brian (verified owner)

    Great item, well made and solid. Best price on the net!

  2. Sam

    Took a little fitting on my Saiga. But what doesn’t with AK47s. Looks and works great!

  3. Sergio F.

    Great product and for a good price. Easy fit.

  4. William Hernandez

    Looks great on my WASR!

  5. Casey Santana (verified owner)

    Fits perfect on Century Arms Micro Draco.

  6. D Rhodes (verified owner)

    Had to grind a little of “insert” end to clear dust cover on my Bulgy 74 folder; PERFECT fit and function!! Ordering another for my PAP92! Shop this item….won’t find a better price than Veriforce Tactical!!!

  7. John H (verified owner)

    Great product, perfect size it’s not to big but it’s big enough to get a good grip without much effort. Super easy to install (longest part is making sure it’s straight you really don’t even have to do that either) fits perfectly on my Romanian battlefield pick up from Atlantic firearms. 10/10 would buy again

  8. mark N (verified owner)

    Great price on Houge grip.Receptionist was very nice to me,learned much about TX,looking forward to moving there,Seattle hates 2nd A,The gentleman who helped me,called me back promptly,very good.he was right,grip fit Sam7-r just right,thanx to you sir.all n all very fine volks,great product,you’ve been bookmarked, Thanx mArK

  9. BRIAN (verified owner)

    First great, easy on the fingers!

  10. Joel Johnson (verified owner)

    I love this knob. Works perfect for my ak and looks badass. Makes it so much easier to chamber a round. I’d pay much more for this. Get em while you can.

  11. Jeff Ubungen (verified owner)

    Great price. Does not fit Micro Draco. Have to do some grinding to fit.

  12. Casey Hall (verified owner)

    I bought two of these for my AKs. They shipped fast and were super easy to install. BUT! After just ONE round through one AK, it fell right off. I thought maybe it was loose? So I tried my other AK. It held up about 2-3 mags before it too came loose and fell off. Over all I like how they feel and look on the Ak, but actual usefulness and strength of hold is what kills it for me. If you’re trying for “tacticool” then go for it. But I wouldn’t suggest for SHTF rifles.

  13. Daniel

    Awesome world like it’s supposed to. Just need an allen wrench to put it on.

  14. Jay (verified owner)

    Great purchase!!!!

  15. Trukchenko (verified owner)

    Excellent value, prompt delivery . Will be ordering another for Saiga 20

  16. Kyle (verified owner)

    Fits my Zastava PAP M92. Used blue locktite on the screw. It’s nice and snug. Charging is way easier now. Also aesthetically pleasing.

  17. Russ (verified owner)

    Great price, value and look! installed on Slr104, Wasr 10 and sam7uf

  18. Brian Hess

    Works great after a spot weld to it, they usually always fall off after 2 k rounds so since I shoot lefty I’m not taking any chances

  19. Brian Manibusan (verified owner)

    So far so good! Did a little modification by adding a shim (tiny piece of sheet metal) inserting it through the opening of the extension knob. By doing so it made it more snugged against the charge handle. By applying this modification it made it very snugged before tightening with locktite. If the makers would add that tiny piece of sheet metal as an option or have it part of the purchase, hands down AK guys will most likely buy. I tested at least 300+ rnds fires and results was no movement or play making it feel like it was always part of my rifle. Love the feel of the product! The price is awesome compared to others on the market and quality is great!

  20. Shawn Phillips (verified owner)

    I like the extension it works well as described however I mixed some epoxy to help keep in place a little more secure , great add on product for the money I bought two can’t beat the price .I will purchase other products this company as well

  21. Paraghamian (verified owner)

    Was weary after buying a similar product for my Yugo PAP and having it come flying off upon firing (and into my optic mount, I was NOT happy).

    I gotta say, this one fits on REALLY WELL, tight and secure. I could hold my gun up (unloaded) just by holding the charging knob, not that I ever recommend doing this, but I didn’t feel like another optic strike, so I had to be doubly sure.

    I will see how it holds up on fire, but I am impressed thus far.

  22. Unair (verified owner)

    Works great on my PSA AK103 and makes grabbing/charging the handle a breeze.
    It fit real snug and tight without the screw, it slides on a certain way and just locks up.
    I used red loctite and really screwed it on tight. So far it’s held up to about 120 rounds. Will definitely get again for any other ak I get.

  23. Cisco

    I ordered 5 of these. For my wasr 10, zpap m70 1st version, zpap m70 1.5 trunnion, m92, and for my poly tech legend. So far I mounted on the wasr 10 and m92. Very good real estate with gloves on. If loctite fails. I will pilot drill holes around the charging handle sleeve. Then weld onto the charging handle & sand smooth.

  24. John (verified owner)

    Well built and good for hard use, I’ve recommended this to coworkers, family, and friends.

  25. Austin Colburn (verified owner)

    Seems well made, does not even kind of fit Century Arms C39, bummer.

  26. Paul (verified owner)

    Awesome fit on Century VSKA, and half the price of any others available!

  27. Don Garrett (verified owner)

    Very nice product, made in the USA and it fits correctly! Thank you !!!

  28. Eric Lynch (verified owner)

    I put one on my stamped receiver rifle , and on my C39v2 pistol and they fit like a glove on both guns.

    When it came time for the final fitment , i did add a little JB weld inside to hold it, and the set screw a little more permanently, (although i suspect it was overkill)

    It is a huge improvement in both cases , much easier to rack it with gloves on and my “bolt hold open” safety switch still operates behind it just fine.

  29. Carlos M Salinas (verified owner)

    Great upgrade to help you quickly grasp and charge your AK variant. This is well made and fits nicely on the charging handle.

  30. R. Thomas (verified owner)

    Functional, sturdy extension. Makes the charging handle significantly easier to grip & charge, especially with gloves and in wet conditions. Texturing is good on the handle. Fits an M70 ZPAP. Installation was a bit interesting, wound up using a drafting triangle to get it at 90 degrees while I winched down the set screw. Used loctite red on it, I don’t plan on removing this handle any time soon. Handle alone is 1 & 1/8ths of an inch long with a diameter of about 3/4ths of an inch. When mounted to my carrier it protrudes off of the carrier by 1 & 3/8ths of an inch.

  31. Garret (verified owner)

    I had initially bought this item to see if it would work in conjunction with the bear creek arsenal gen 2 side charging upper receiver, however when it didn’t fit that I tried it on my Norinco mak90. Absolutely love the look and feel on my akm. Would definitely recommend as essential upgrade for any custom akm out there.

  32. Jerry (verified owner)

    Best charging extension I’ve found. I ordered 2 with low expectations, I am extremely impressed with them. The hole on these is cut tight unlike others I’ve bought(armacom,circle 10)And can’t beat the price.

  33. John (verified owner)

    REMEMBER BLUE LOCTITE…..Fits nicely on my (2013) NPAP and I didn’t have to do any dremeling which is always a plus…..REMEMBER BLUE LOCTITE

  34. Paul Betsch (verified owner)

    Like it was designed specifically for the C39V2 …Slid right on , tight w/o movement even before I installed the set screw

  35. William Barbahen (verified owner)

    Feels great! Extra purchase for bad situations is a plus. I haven’t beaten on it yet, but it is solid and I am willing to bet it holds up.

  36. Jonathan Ortega (verified owner)

    Amazing price and amazing customer service these guys over at veriforce are truly for the people . Two thumbs looking forward too future purchases

  37. MR aWeSoMe (verified owner)

    Nicely made and fits like its suppose to be on there. Im probably gonna epoxy it on so it will not come off.
    Just buy it, its inexpensive Seems to fit most AK variants.

  38. Mike P (verified owner)

    Great purchase, low price, not humongous, but makes charging worlds more comfortable. At first I did not locktite the set screw and it popped off twice during firing. Don’t bother with other makers charging double or more..

  39. Thad Gibson (verified owner)

    Easy peasy. Fits great on Mak90 and a Polish PKMS. Good quality, with clean threads. Good depth of knurling. Would buy again.

  40. Mack Wilson (verified owner)

    Ordered two of these for a Micro Draco and WASR and neither of them fit correctly. Would take major modifying for them to fit. No reply on return request from company and was told I would need to modify per rifle.

  41. Patrick Edge (verified owner)

    Very small interior, will NOT fit aks
    From kolarms or pioneer arms, Polish made, nor will it fit my Hungarian 63f build kit. Have not yet tried my Century Arms VSKA but it’s 0-2 at the moment. Get what ya pay for I guess. Too had we can’t get Zenitcos from Russia right now

  42. David (verified owner)

    Fits excellent on my century arms, Gives better control of the OEM handle. I highly recommended this peice.

  43. Jon (verified owner)

    Works and looks great on my PSA AK47. Definitely need the loctite. Quick/aggressive manipulation of the charging handle(especially in humid environments) will cause the extension to fall off. I assume after the loctite is applied, I won’t have any issues.

  44. Joshua Hernandez (verified owner)

    This fit my century arms vska ak47 just fine and it also gives the charging Handle a better look and feel to it.. i definitely recommend it..

  45. Darren Pellecchia (verified owner)

    Well made and a good feel in the hand. Really appreciate the knurling. I might have to modify my JTS slightly, but with the feel of this knob, I might make it a permanent addition. Great job!

  46. Douglas (verified owner)

    Great product, much better grip on charging handle. Fit my M70 ZPAP well and price and quality were great.

  47. Tim Reynolds (verified owner)

    Fit perfectly on my AMD 65.

  48. FRANKIE M ROSARIO (verified owner)

    Bought 2 one for my Zastava M90 Pistol & my Century Arms AK both fit perfect added Blue Loctite shot both with aleast 200 rounds both stayed on perfectly fine it made charging rounds much easier Great price Great product I will highly recommend it to others.

  49. Randal Martin (verified owner)

    Installed this one my PSA AK-V9. Slid on like it was made specifically for the firearm. Cleaned the set screw and the knob with alcohol. Applied some blue Loctite. Torqued it down to 15in/lbs and its curing tonight. Looking forward to the range trip this Saturday.

  50. John (verified owner)

    Good product, good price, great feel. Bought a few. Buying some more. Worked great on my semi shock wave.

  51. Robert Blake

    Bought four of these, replaced the set screw they come with a slightly longer one and put them on 2 WASR’s, a SAR-1, and an Arsenal. Then rounded over any protruding edges/threads on the set screws. Had to do a little filing on the stock charging handle of the oldest WASR (it had quite a different shape and some obvious flashing), but all fit and locked down tight with red loctite. 120 rounds later and they’re still on, time will tell if they hold.

  52. Hakeem (verified owner)

    Fits vska perfect. Blue lock will get you right ✅️

  53. TSB (verified owner)

    It does fit WBP jack/fox without modification. It looks and functions great nothing else to say.

  54. Hannibal (verified owner)

    Fits my Saiga 12 and 7.62×39 like a glove with no fitting. Excellent fit and finish. I’ve paid triple the price for less quality. I’m genuinely impressed.

  55. Michael Wilson (verified owner)

    Excellent upgrade for a AK. I bought 3, they fit perfect on my AK’s. I used Blue LOCTITE. I like them so much I just purchased another one. Works great,and looks excellent.

  56. DC (verified owner)

    Received one with a defective set screw. After communicating with seller – they promptly rectified the issue. Great customer service and response.

  57. J (verified owner)

    Great price so I bought two ($27 total w/ship & tax). It slipped right onto my Romanian AK47& Bulgarian AK74 and is firmly seated with the set screw. I’m still going to use locktite though to ensure that it stays on. These are as good as the other 2 expensive ones I have on my Saiga 12 & Saiga AK47.

  58. Igor (verified owner)

    Nice, solid and fits all my AKs for reasonable price. A++ Highly recommended

  59. David (verified owner)

    Big ole beefy knob is kickazz! This is the best low cost upgrade you can do. Fits my PSA GF3 with no issues. I used blue Loctite for good measure. I am very satisfied with the quality and feel.

  60. Justin M (verified owner)

    Excellent product! I highly recommend this charging handle extension. I shopped around for a few others and after an incorrect fitting, receiving the wrong product, and most being out of stock, I came to find the one I should have gone for from the beginning. Designed to fit a specific way, with screw facing muzzle. Will be purchasing more of these for any future AKs I collect. Thank you!

  61. Drew (verified owner)

    Great product, great price, purchased 2 for my m92 and my yugo, fit great, better than i thought, realy like having more area to grab when moving fast.

  62. Andrei (verified owner)

    Fits like a glove on my AK47, but not a fit for my Saiga. Still love it though.

  63. TARZAN (verified owner)


  64. Ross Cole (verified owner)

    Was on sale for cheap when I happened to need one. Tons of colors to choose from and ended up going with basic black anyway. was worried it would be too shiny or odd looking but fit the gun PERFECT and looks exactly as it should. Was shipped and delivered faster than amazon stuff.

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