AR-15 5.56 Custom Rifle Upper Receiver In Tungsten Grey

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Not only is looking cool with your new AR-15 5.56 Custom Rifle Upper In Tungsten Grey with the muzzle brake really important, it gets even better when you show your friends the sub-MOA groups it puts on targets!  There’s no comparison to the price and quality of a Veriforce Tactical build, let alone with a custom Cerakote to go with it. You will be very happy with this upper and that’s a fact. 


This handguard is made with 6061 aluminum extrusion that we CNC to the meet our strict standards with top quality tooling.  The top rail is Mil-spec, as are the KeyMod slots.  This is a total length of 15” that leaves about an inch of barrel (including the threads).  We now use steel barrel nuts that can take greater torque specs while not adding too much weight.  We pride ourselves on quality and safety, so our 15” handguards allow you to properly grip your rifle (or pistol) while still leaving lots of room to mount an angle grip, flashlight, laser, and a variety of accessories.

Our 5.56 (also shoots .223) 16” nitride barrels are 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium (ChMV). Chrome, molybdenum, and vanadium are impurities added to the barrels, that react positively with the nitriding process with less imperfections and a smoother finish.  By not lining our barrels with Chrome, we can keep our smooth bore intact as we do the Nitriding process.  The result is a more accurate barrel.  Our barrels should give you at least a 1” grouping at 100yards.  Most of our barrels shoot Sub-MOA, which means under 1” even with ball ammo.  The average for this barrel is 1/2” grouping at 100 yards.  This barrel is good for 15,000 rounds before you will see a drop in accuracy. A 1:8 twist is what we find is the most versatile for the common grain bullets. Lastly, we use Nickel Boron on our barrel extension for the utmost smoothness and durability since this is a high wear and tear piece.  

Our billet upper is made locally in Phoenix, in our facility. We start off from a solid block of 6061 aluminum and CNC it down to spec.  Billet is much harder and more consistent than forged. Forged has a tendency to crack and loosen through wear and tear over time, while billet will last 5x longer than a forged upper.  We now include all of our uppers with super durable billet.  We Type 3 hard coat anodize our aluminum to make it almost has hard as steel. 

Our Barrel nuts are cut from bar stock carpenter 4140 steel and milled out, giving you a better than mil-spec hold for your barrel extension.  We torque our barrel nuts 40-80 lbs onto our uppers, giving no chance of loosening while you shoot.



  • Cerakote Tungsten Grey
  • T6 6061 Billet
  • 1913 Picatinny Rail Flat Top
  • M4 Feed Ramps
  • US Made In Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Matches To Any lower


  • US Made
  • T6 Aluminum Body
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Cerakote Tungsten Grey
  • Proprietary Lightweight Aluminum Barrel Nut Included
  • Total Weight Including Barrel Nut Is 10.8 oz
  • KeyMod Airlight System
  • Rail System Slides Over Barrel Nut , And Is Locked Up Against Receiver With 6 Screws
  • Tight Fit Up Against Receiver, Which Allows For A Monolithic Top Rail
  • 15″ Length
  • Heavy Duty
  • Internal Diameter: 1.34″


  • 16″ nitride match grade barrel
  • MID gas system
  • USA made low profile gas block and stainless steel tube
  • 1:8 Twist
  • Dual port muzzle brake

Built By Veriforce Tactical

Limited lifetime warrenty

Head space verified


Additional information

Weight64 oz
Country of Origin

Gas System

Muzzle Devices

Barrel Length


Handguard Length

Barrel Twist


Handguard Attachment System

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  1. Michael Johnson

    Fires off great and looks good while i’m doing it!
    This is just another upper i’ll add to my wide arsonal.
    I do have to say though.. this is one of my favorites by far.

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