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AR-15 Bolt Catch Release Lever in Anodized Red

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There are very few attachments you can add to your AR-15 that will help improve tactical manipulations as much as the Bolt Catch Release Lever does.  One of the most difficult things to accomplish while shooting with a right handed grip is to lock the bolt back and look cool doing it. Clearing one of the worst malfunctions, like a double feed, is an awkward maneuver. You must lose the proper firing grip to shift your hands to lock the bolt back, to drop the magazine, to run the charging handle, reinsert the mag, and chamber a fresh round to get back on target or get back in the fight.

Change your world and add our ultra lightweight T6 aluminum Bolt Catch Release Lever to your AR-15. You will be able to maintain a proper grip with your right hand, keeping control of your rifle. With simple a press of your index finger you will be able to activate the bolt catch mechanism as you rack the charging handle with your left hand and then also be able drop the bolt into battery. It makes every following action safer, smoother, and faster, when seconds count in clearing malfunctions and executing critical reloads in competition or in a fight for your life, you will need every advantage that our Bolt Catch Release Lever will give you. It works so well it will even help left handed shooters manipulations.

  • Ergonomic Design
  • Extended Bolt Release To The Right Side Of The Weapon
  • Durable T6 Aluminum
  • Anodized
  • USA Made
  • Ambidextrous
  • Fits Over Any AR-15 Mil-Spec Bolt Catch And ls Locked In Rock Solid With 3 Set Screws
Weight: 1 oz
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