AR-15 Upper Receiver In 5.56 “Grunt Series” Mod-2

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The final version of the “Grunt Series” features a low profile KeyMod compatible 10″ handguard and a ribbed for your shooting pleasure A2 style flash hider. The Veriforce AR-15 Upper Receiver In 5.56 “Grunt Series” Mod-2 still brings, as all the “Grunt Series” do, 1 MOA or better accuracy at a value no one else can match! Don’t be greedy and tell your friends about this upper so they can enjoy the fun too.


Our 5.56 (also shoots .223) 16” nitride barrels are 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium (ChMV). Chrome, molybdenum, and vanadium are impurities added to the barrels, that react positively with the nitriding process with less imperfections and a smoother finish.  By not lining our barrels with Chrome, we can keep our smooth bore intact as we do the Nitriding process.  The result is a more accurate barrel.  Our barrels should give you at least a 1” grouping at 100yards.  Most of our barrels shoot Sub-MOA, which means under 1” even with ball ammo.  The average for this barrel is 1/2” grouping at 100 yards.  This barrel is good for 15,000 rounds before you will see a drop in accuracy. A 1:8 twist is what we find is the most versatile for the common grain bullets. Lastly, we use Nickel Boron on our barrel extension for the utmost smoothness and durability since this is a high wear and tear piece.  


  • Forged Upper Receiver
  • Nitrided 5.56 16″ Barrel with Carbine Gas System
  • 10″ Free Float Slim Keymod Handguard
  • A2 Ribbed Flash Hider
  • Assembled and Built by Veriforce Tactical in Phoenix, AZ
  • Headspace Tested
  • 1 Year Limited warranty
  • BCG & Charging Handle Not Included ($110 EXTRA)

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Weight64 oz
Country of Origin

Gas System

Muzzle Devices

Barrel Length


Handguard Length

Barrel Twist


Handguard Attachment System

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