5 Pack of Peel Washer Shims for AR-15 Barrel Nuts

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5 Pack of Peel Washer Shims for AR15 Barrel Nuts




  • Made of German Stainless Steel (not flimsy like standard stainless steel at such a small thickness)
  • .07mm thick each
  • Helps timing your barrel nut, so the proper torque specs are correct while lining up your gas tube hole
  • A MUST have for any 1st time or experienced builder
  • Slides over your barrel and then your put your barrel nut over it.
  • Works with all AR15 barrels (does not work with .308 barrels)


whether you have never assembled an AR15, or you are among the best, you will need these from time to time.  If you are trying to time a barrel nut and the torque parameters have been met, but the gas tube does not pass through.  These shims will solve that issue.

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1 review for 5 Pack of Peel Washer Shims for AR-15 Barrel Nuts

  1. Ron (verified owner)

    They definitely do the job. Thank you.

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