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5 Pack of Peel Washer Shims for AR-15 Barrel Nuts

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  • Made of German Stainless Steel (not flimsy like standard stainless steel at such a small thickness)
  • A MUST have for any 1st time or experienced builder
  • .07mm Thick
  • Slides over your barrel and then your put your barrel nut over it
  • Helps timing your barrel nut, so the proper torque specs are correct while lining up your gas tube hole
  • Works with all AR15 barrels (does not work with .308 barrels)

Whether you have never assembled an AR-15.. or you are among the best.. you will need these from time to time.  If you are trying to time a barrel nut and the torque parameters have been met, but the gas tube does not pass through.  These shims will solve that issue.

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