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AR-15 5.56 Complete California Legal Upper Receiver

There are several advantages to having a muzzle comp on your rifle like taming recoil and better muzzle control under rapid fire (living in Cali isn’t one of the advantages – sorry, stay strong and keep fighting for your rights!). Veriforce is here to help with our AR-15 5.56 Complete California Legal Upper Receiver with fantastic accuracy and quality at a great price. Get yours while you still can!

9 customer reviews


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Our billet upper is made locally in Phoenix, in our facility. We start off from a solid block of 6061 aluminum and CNC it down to spec.  The billet is much harder and more consistent than forged. Forged has a tendency to crack and loosen through wear and tear over time, while billet will last 5x longer than a forged upper.  We now include all of our uppers with super durable billet.  We Type 3 hard coat anodize our aluminum to make it almost as hard as steel.

This handguard is made with 6061 aluminum extrusion that we CNC to meet our strict standards with top quality tooling.  The top rail is Mil-spec, as are the M-LOK slots.  This is a total length of 15” that leaves about an inch of the barrel (including the threads).  We now use steel barrel nuts that can take greater torque specs while not adding too much weight.  We pride ourselves on quality and safety, so our 15” handguards allow you to properly grip your rifle (or pistol) while still leaving lots of room to mount an angled grip, flashlight, laser, and a variety of accessories.

Our Barrel nuts are cut from bar stock carpenter 4140 steel and milled out, giving you a better than mil-spec hold for your barrel extension.  We torque our barrel nuts 40-80 lbs onto our uppers, giving no chance of loosening while you shoot.

Our 5.56 16” Stainless Steel is made out of 416R Stainless steel.  Our barrels have a 12 step process that helps set us apart from the competition.  Most of our competitors only use 8 processes or use inferior stainless steel.  The 416R is perfect for handling accuracy and durability, but don’t beat it up, stainless steel is not a load and dumps lots of ammo kind of barrel.  Stainless steel will last 50,000 rounds, but you cannot let the barrel get too hot.  It also can get better grouping over time, unlike our nitrided barrels that stay the same groupings for about 15,000 rounds average lifespan.  Our 16” is better than most 20” barrels on the market.  This shoots SUB-MOA out of the box and will get better groupings as time goes on if you a careful and don’t beat up the barrel.  This barrel is great for short and long-range shooting up to 800 yards!

  • Handguards Come In Anodized Black, OD Green, Red, Gold, Blue, Clear, Purple and Cerakote Flat Dark Earth (FDE).
  • Precision Billet Mil-Spec Upper
  • Assembled And Made By Veriforce Tactical
  • 3.3 Lbs. Total Weight
  • Color Selection is for handguard only.  Barrel, upper, and muzzle device are same.
  • 15″ Length M-LOK Slim profile Handguard USA Made
  • 16″ 1:8 Twist 5.56 Caliber 416R Stainless Steel Match Grade Barrel
  • Carbine Gas System With Low Profile Gas Block
  • Full 1 Year Warranty
  • 3 Sided M-LOK Handguard
  • Micro Compensated Muzzle Brake
  • Headspace Tested
  • BCG And Charging Handle Not Included
Weight: 64 oz
Country of Origin:
Gas System:
Muzzle Devices:
Barrel Length:
Handguard Length:
Barrel Twist:
Handguard Attachment System:

9 reviews for AR-15 5.56 Complete California Legal Upper Receiver

  1. evan c.

    Even Though i do not live in California i got this upper for the muzzle device and have no complaints

  2. Armando H. (verified owner)

    Nice top receiver. You can really feel the quality in the hand gaurd and the rest of the build. Only complaint is that BCG&CH is sold separately therefore i went with a palmetto armory full auto profile bcg and spikes charging handle.

  3. J. Carlson (verified owner)

    Quick and reliable shipping, even in the face of COVID-19! The upper assembly looks great, fits well, no issues. A fine purchase choice for those stuck in CA.

  4. Matt K (verified owner)

    Good product for the price. Had a few small chips on the hand guard, but overall decent and not bad..

  5. Tim S (verified owner)

    Ordered this upper and it came a lot faster than I expected. Haven’t had a chance to shoot it yet but the quality, fit, and looks are top notch.

  6. Nick P (verified owner)

    I don’t live in California but purchased this upper at a great price. I put a stainless muzzle on it to match the barrel and it looks great! I was able to put a couple mags thru it and sight in my scope not to long ago and it will drive nails now! I’m very happy with this product. I would definatly to recommend it to others if you are looking to hit some shots at a distance and not just mag dumps.

  7. Philip Dahlin (verified owner)

    Very happy with this upper. The mid-length gas systems gives it a very smooth feel and felt recoil is minimal. Accuracy is very impressive and easily capable of making 200 yard shots with no magnification. I’m sure you could dial it in for 300 yrds+ and still be consistent. I liked that it comes without a BCG and charging handle leaving you to make those selections for yourself given your preference and what you’re building for. I may end up getting a twin for a future project I’m working towards since this upper really ticked all the boxes, especially for a CA compliant build. Given the insane demand and pandemic prices this was a fair deal and certainly came a lot quicker than expected. Great job and kudos to Veriforce on getting us folks out here in CA a great option at an exceptional price.

    One side note, I’d recommend making sure you get at least 100-200 rounds through this before making any critical judgements on it. As they mention this barrel will actual improve accuracy with use. But also getting some rounds cycled through the gas system seemed to help it functionally as well. Brand new out of the box I had a few issues with short stroking. But that problem actually resolved itself once I had put enough rounds through it. Perhaps the carbon helped seal up the gas system. At first I was concerned it may be under gassed or I needed to go with a lighter spring or buffer option but I think once you get a couple hundred rounds through it will work fantastic. Point is, if you have a few hiccups within the first 200 rounds or so don’t be too quick to panic, give it a good cleaning and lube job and the 2nd and 3rd times out will be hopefully be flawless like the were for me.

  8. Gavin Bridgeman

    The most accurate upper I have had. 5 stars! Very nice finish and everything was tight outta the box.. absolutely a pleasure to shoot!

  9. Abe Gomez

    Great out of the box and quick shipping. Nice to have a quality CA compliant upper that made it easy to complete my build. I’ve put several hundred rounds through it with no problems. I’d highly recommend.

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