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AR-15 Magwell Adapter to Convert Standard Lower to 9mm

Do you have a plethora of empty lowers lying around from the last panic buy?  Good news, there is another caliber you can build and it shoots cheap!  I’m talking about converting your standard mil-spec lower into an AR 9mm lower.  At only 17 cents a round, you can even let your mooch friends shoot it without going broke!  Like to rapid fire?  Like to load up 30 round magazines and dump ammo like John Wick?  This is for you with its easy install and use of the venerable Colt 9mm magazines.  So come on, you know you want an excuse for a new AR build!! Check out our complete AR-9 Uppers as a great combo with this!

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UPC: 617201306352
Category: AR 9mm
Tags: 9mm, Anodized, AR-15, AR-9
  • Converts Standard Mil-spec Lower to 9mm
  • 9mm Stick Magazines (not Glock Compatible)
  • Installs in Minutes
  • Made of Aluminum and Steel
  • Accepts Colt Style SMG Magazines
  • Anodized Matte Finish
  • USA Made
  • Bolt Holds Open for Last Shot
  • One Retention Screw on Top and Two Screws That Push Inside of the Magwell

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