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AR-15 Pistol Upper 5.56 10″ M-Lok Slim RIPMOD Series

Well, would you just look at this? Wow, oh my gosh, would you just look at this?? Look at it! It’s our AR-15 Pistol Upper 5.56 10″ M-Lok Slim RIPMOD Series that has our stainless 7.5″ barrel and it looks amazing!  It’s so lightweight and compact that you’ll be shocked at how good the groups are and you might even find that it’s better than some other companies 16″ guns.. Try not to smile too much when you show up your buddies at the range.

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Our Barrel nuts are cut from bar stock carpenter 4140 steel and milled out, giving you a better than mil-spec hold for your barrel extension.  We torque our barrel nuts 40-80 lbs onto our uppers, giving no chance of loosening while you shoot.

Our 5.56 7.5” Stainless Steel is made out of 416R Stainless steel.  Our barrels have a 12 step process that helps set us apart from the competition.  Most of our competitors only use 8 processes or use inferior stainless steel.  The 416R is perfect for handling accuracy and durability, but don’t beat it up, stainless steel is not a “mag dump lots of ammo” kind of barrel.  Stainless steel will last 50,000 rounds, but you cannot let the barrel get too hot.  It also can get better grouping over time, unlike our nitrided barrels that stay the same groupings for about 15,000 rounds average lifespan.  This barrel is great for short range shooting under 150 yards!

Our billet upper is made locally in Phoenix, in our facility. We start off from a solid block of 6061 aluminum and CNC it down to spec.  Billet is much harder and more consistent than forged. Forged has a tendency to crack and loosen through wear and tear over time, while billet will last 5x longer than a forged upper.  We now include all of our uppers with super durable billet.  We Type 3 hard coat anodize our aluminum to make it almost has hard as steel.

This handguard is made with 6061 aluminum extrusion that we CNC to the meet our strict standards with top quality tooling.  The top rail is Mil-spec, as are the KeyMod or M-LOK slots.  This is a total length of 10” leaves just the end of the flash cone exposed.  We now use steel barrel nuts that can take greater torque specs while not adding too much weight.  We pride ourselves on quality and safety, so our 10” handguards allow you to properly grip your rifle (or pistol) while still leaving lots of room to mount an angle grip, flashlight, laser, and a variety of accessories.

  • Assembled By Veriforce Tactical
  • Pistol Length Gas System With Low Profile Gas Block
  • Mock Suppressor
  • Head-Spaced
  • Does Not Come With Bolt Carrier Group And Charging Handle ($110 Extra)
  • 416R Stainless Steel 7.5″ 1:8 Twist Barrel
  • Ultra Light USA Made Slim Profile Free Float
  • RIP Pistol Series By Veriforce Tactical
  • 100% USA Made Parts
  • 5.56 Caliber (Also Shoots .223)
  • Precision Billet Upper Receiver
  • NEW 12″ M-LOK MOD-LITE Handguard
  • Limited Warranty
Weight: 40 oz
Gas System:
Muzzle Devices:
Barrel Length:
Handguard Length:
Barrel Twist:
Handguard Attachment System:
Country of Origin:

1 review for AR-15 Pistol Upper 5.56 10″ M-Lok Slim RIPMOD Series

  1. Stuart

    Had the upper assembled and test fired, so I received it without having to do anything. I put a 4x bushnell scope on. At 50 yards off hand got good groups. Functioned perfect with factory and my reloads. I’m very happy with the cosmetic features as well as the function/accuracy. Thank you, Veriforce Tactical!

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