AR-15 Slim Flash Hiding Pig Cone

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AR-15 Slim Flash Hiding Pig Cone

  • Solid T6 aluminum Body
  • Choose Between 1/2×28, 1/2×36, or 5/8×24 threads
  • Pushes Percussion Forward
  • Pushes Flash Forward; not to blast your friends next to you
  • Great For Use On AR-15 Pistols (in our tests this works as well as the Noveske flaming pig)
  • Fits in almost all slim free floating handguards
  • Cone Shape inside of the muzzle device, not just hollowed out
  • 3.23″ Long
  • 1.25″ OD
  • 3.4 oz total weight
  • Proudly made in USA
  • For use with all caliber and threads
  • works with 5.56, .223, .308, 9mm, 300 blackout, 7.62×36 etc…

Note: Comes in Black, Flat Dark Earth FDE, OD Green, and Red Finishes

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Weight4 oz

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1 review for AR-15 Slim Flash Hiding Pig Cone

  1. Russell

    Absolutely a great product and it does what it says it does! You DON’T want to shoot a pistol length AR without one of these on it with no hearing protection (such as when hunting) – your ears will ring for a week! It’s not as pretty as the Noveske but it performs the same purpose. Yes, the inside is actually cone shaped, starts small at the muzzle of the barrel and gets larger towards the end. This causes all the noise and blast to forced forward. I highly recommend this product and I have it on all my pistol builds.

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